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About – How “Recently Formed” works?

We leverage data from Companies House to work out companies that have been created in the UK.  We extract data from Companies House every 24 hours.  Directors details are received from Companies House on demand.

Data from Companies house is transformed so that we can work out how far from a selected point the new company is.  We use this information to deliver a usable list of companies that are in an area that you have defined.  e.g. You may have asked for all companies created within a 15 mile square of your office.

Recently formed uses a very powerful programming language called Python combined a very well established web framework called Django to deliver a very usable way to browse recently formed companies.  The web pages are written so that they work equally as well on a web browser, iPad and iPhone and other mobile devices.

Who is behind Recently Formed?

Recently Formed was designed and developed by Sapien IT.

Sapien IT are an innovative IT support and cloud / hosted services company based in Cambridge who have over 20 years experience developing software.

Why was “Recently Formed” Developed?

The initial idea for Recently Formed was over two years ago when we were thinking of how to generate additional business for Sapien IT.  We found that moving companies from one IT supplier to another was more difficult, so we wanted a way to offer our services to newly and recently formed companies.  The thinking is that there will be less chance that IT services are already in place.

How much is “Recently Formed”?

Pricing depends on how big an area you want to cover and if you want exclusivity for your business type in that area.  Typical price is less than the price of a cup of coffee each day.

What do I do once I get the newly or recently formed companies and director data?

There are a number of things you can do:

  • Rank and make notes about each company and / or director using our easy to use interface.
  • Write to the companies registered address or the directors home address.
  • Research for further details on linked-in, facebook and internet search engines.