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Accountants Generate New Business For £10 Per Month

We are pleased to announce the latest Recently Formed Service For £10 Per Month. Accountants use the service to generate new business. They see on a weekly basis all of the new limited companies in their local area. The service indicates the total number of firms each week around a post-code in England or Wales. It gives the names and addresses, and more information, of all the new firms. At the same time, users easily see firms that have been registered by other accountancy practices in the area. If you haven’t already, sign up for a free 14 day trial.

New Business For Accountants Every Week

The new service allows accountants to choose a geographical area (between 2 and 20 mile grid squares) around a post-code in England or Wales. Each week the service is updated with all the new limited firms that have registered at Companies House in the previous week.

Sign-up for a Free 14 Day Trial

The service is hassle free from a simple weekly email reminder of new companies to easy direct debit payment. Similarly there is no long-term contract commitment. Sign-up now for a free 14 day trial – and no payment details are required to start a trial.