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New registered firms: Cambridge, Huntingdon, Newmarket, Wisbech, Ely & St. Neots

Here’s a list of the number of new firms registering at Companies House in Cambridge, Huntingdon, Newmarket, Wisbech, Ely, St Neots, Downham Market and Saxmundham week by week from 17th June 2012 to 22nd July.

The information is based on all the newly formed firms in a 10 mile x 10 mile grid square around each of the post-codes.

It comes from the Recently Formed webservice. The service monitors grid squares around postcodes to provide the number of new firms registering at Companies House on a weekly basis. It also provides company names and addresses – and other information like director details is available.

The service was launched earlier in the year and is designed particularly for accountants and other providers who have services for newly formed companies.

Sign-up  for a free trial. It only takes 60 seconds and there is no need to submit payment details. You will see all the firms registered in the last 4 four weeks and the next two weeks around the post-code of your choice.