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Update: Phone numbers and email adresses

We have been looking at ways to get hold of phone numbers and email addresses for recently formed companies.

We’ve sent sample files to leading marketing companies:

  • Companies formed 0-3 months ago.
  • Companies formed 3-6 months ago.
  • Companies formed 6-12 months ago.
  • Companies formed 12-18 months ago.

The match rate for each of the samples was 0% in most cases and 2% for the older companies.  In our opinion, this is not a service that we can sell-on.  We are brainstorming ideas on how we can determine this information.  One idea is on a per request basis, where a set fee is paid to investigate contact details for a particular company.  Please contact us if you have any thoughts on what might work.

For now, the most reliable method to contact recently formed UK companies is via letter.

We’ll update you when we make further progress in finding email addresses and telephone numbers for recently formed UK companies.