Better Marketing for Accountants

Marketing Barometer for Accountants

Many articles written for accountants advise you what to do to win new business: look out for referrals, optimise the Internet and other marketing activities. Are you doing enough? Should you do more? What is and is not working? 

A Recently Formed free trial will tell you how many new limited companies registered on Companies House in the last month, near you. The ongoing Recently Formed service is £10 per month.

Enquiries Per Month

As a small practice you might receive 2-5 new enquiries per month. As a larger practice,  this might be the daily number. The number of leads will be dependent on marketing activities like referrals, your internet marketing, networking, advertising and many things. There are some great web articles / discussions covering marketing suggestions – for instance AccountingWeb – How Get Your First Clients.

How Many Enquiries is Enough?

For instance, if you offer services to Limited Companies like submission and filing of company accounts, then knowing that the majority of new firms starting up in your local area make contact with you is a good measure.

How Many Limited Firms Near Me Register At Companies House Each Week?

Recently Formed was set-up to answer, amongst other things, this question. When you sign up for a free trial – you will see how many firms have registered on Companies House week by week for the last four weeks in a 10 x 10 mile grid around the post code of your choice.

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