Hundreds of New Companies Register Each Week

Hundred of firms start-up and register with Companies House each week.

Within a 5 mile radius of WC2 in West London, typically 800-900 firms register weekly. In Tech City, East London, around 250-300 firms register. Manchester and Birmingham both have typically 100 firms, followed by Bristol with 75. Cambridge has about 25 firms each week.

Below is a list of the relative number of firms in a number of cities including Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Cardiff, Coventry, Bradford, Newcastle and Nottingham. This should be fascinating reading for anyone offering services for start-ups and firms registering with Companies House.

This information is obtained from the Recently Formed lead generation service.

This information is collected using the Recently Formed web service. Users of the service nominate post-codes in the UK around which they wish to monitor the number of new companies starting in the area.

This information is particularly useful as a lead generation service for accountants, web developers and marketing agencies as these tend to be the first services that new companies require.  The information supplied shows how many new companies register near their offices each week, who and where they are.

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