How Accountants Generate New Business

Now that we have introduced the £10 per month service, it’s been interesting to hear the top 3 ways that our accountant clients use Recently Formed to generate new business: as market barometer, a list of leads and a competitive insight.

How Accountants Generate New Business
It has been great to hear from our accountant clients how they are using Recently Formed to generate new business.

Market Barometer
Every week the service shows how many new companies have registered and gone limited in an area. Each one of these is / was arguably a prospective client for the accountants in that area. When some of our clients have seen 20 or 30 firms going limited in the area each week while they previously only been receiving 3-4 new leads a month. This has been quite enlightening.

New Leads
The service gives a list of leads in an area (name, address and more) of the firms registering on Companies House in the area. This was the original reason we built the service. Every week our Recently Formed clients typically receive a list of 20-100 (sometimes more) of new firms going limited in their area.

Competitive Insight
This was news to us when our first client mentioned it. Obviously some newly registered firms use an accountant to register their new business. Very often are registered at the accountants address. Again, using Recently Formed, you can very easily see an indication of how much new business, other accountancy firms are signing up. Our clients have found this a very interesting motivator!

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